Latest Projects

-Currently working on a Piano Collections for the video game “Witch”(Heartstrings Studios).
-Also working on adapting the complete soundtrack of the Final Fantasy IX video game and creating a “mod” introduce the piano music into the gam

-With “JR Dahman”, interpretation of “My Favorite Things”:


Chico Marx – Collegiate

Transcription and creation of Chico Marx’s Piano book with all the pieces he plays in the Marx Brothers films

Oscar Peterson – Hymn To Freedom

Bill EVans – G Waltz

Ramsey Lewis [Trio] – Do what you wanna

Dozens of Jazz Transcriptions

Arrangements and adaptations:

Final Fantasy IX Piano Book

Final Fantasy Piano Waltzes

Final Fantasy VII – Tifa’s Theme

In collaboration with the pianist Victor Hugo Morales

NieR Automata Piano Suite

Final Fantasy XIV – Dragonsong

For the pianist Kara Comparetto

Final Fantasy VIII – Fisherman’s Horizon

With the saxophonist Sumika


Another one with the saxophonist Sumika

Piano Collections:

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

La Tale Piano Collections

I was hired by private individuals to create books with simple arrangements

Fantasy Life Piano Collections

Requested by private individuals to create books with simple arrangements

Original compositions:

The Beauty

Played by the pianist Phillip Sear

Happiness Waltz

Romantic Dreams

Man on the Silver Moon


In the classic style