(The rates will vary according to the work required, go to the contact tab and ask me any questions you have)

Transcripts: We often hear pieces that we love but that there is no way to find sheet music anywhere. In this case I can transcribe note by
note the piece you want with high precision and giving you a professional score.

Original compositions: I can also compose a totally original piano piece in the style you need. It doesn’t matter if you want it just to play it or as a gift for someone or if you want it to appear in a video game or movie / ad.

-Arrangements and adaptations: There are many wonderful sounding orchestral works adapted to the piano. Here everything is worth: current pop songs, video game music or movies, classical music etc. I will make a piano arrangement adapted to your level and your technique.

-Piano Collections: If you are developing a video game and would like to go further, I can make a complete book with a selection of pieces adapted for piano (at style of the Piano Collections of the “Final Fantasy” saga). Or maybe there is a video game that you are passionate about and you love its soundtrack; select 10/12 themes you like and I’ll arrange them so you can play them on the piano. You will receive a PDF with a cover specifically made for the book and related to the video game in question.